Electric hypercars and one-off W16 Atlantic tributes are nice and all, but those are for the one-percenters. I’m not saying a Mercedes is cheap, but compared to the multi-million-dollar machines invading Geneva, the CLA Shooting Brake suddenly becomes affordable. As sleek as the regular CLA but with the added practicality that comes with a longer roof, the not-a-shooting-brake Merc is the whole package for yours truly.

That high-tech interior from the CLA is virtually carried over, and dare I say it looks and feels better than what you get in cars from a segment above. With a wide selection of engines and forthcoming punchy AMG models, the posh compact wagon ticks all the right boxes in my book. The baby CLS Shooting Brake is roomier than its predecessor and has a bigger trunk, so unless you want to carry a piano, it should offer more than enough space in its voluminous cargo area.

– Adrian Padeanu